Our Story

PEM Inc. grew out of my graduate work at Harvard University, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and my time at Biosphere 2, in Tucson, AZ. The need for a single instrument platform that simultaneously measures with high precision and high frequency (1 to 10 Hz) the 12CO2, 13CO2 and 14CO2 composition of a gas has been and still is a goal for PEM. While serving as Director of Science and Research at Biosphere 2 the reflection of Earth processes, while not the same in Biosphere 2 as for the Earth, left an imprint on my thinking. My view is that a biosphere acts across scale from square centimeters to square kilometers.  The matrix of physical locations transact the flow of gas and moisture on time scales of micro-seconds to decades between the biosphere and the atmosphere. The imprint of human activity can profoundly alter a biospheric system. The goal of PEM is to understand how to manage the Earth as a system that both preserves the planet and provides a sustained biosphere for future generations.